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Courgette Collection

August 27, 2013

CourgettesIt’s coming to the end of summer, and I can’t believe those balmy summer days are nearly over. I’m stocking up with as many great summer vegetables as I can, before the onslaught of kale and beetroot begins again 😉
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Chicken and Ginger Gyoza

May 17, 2013

We often order gyozas when we eat out – they’re so tasty and always leave you wanting more. I’ve never attempted to make them at home though. All those delicately folded pleats always seemed like a lot of work. But, I got some gyoza wrappers recently and I was intent on learning the art of folding gyoza. Continue Reading…


Sunchoke Chips and Guacamole

May 3, 2013

Like most people, I enjoy tortilla chips and guacamole with a beer. Tortilla chips are  great and tasty, but not the most nutritional snack I know. So, I am always trying to think of a healthier snack to enjoy with a drink. Continue Reading…


Sweet Potato Fries + Spicy Sour Cream

January 16, 2013

A New Year brings new resolutions and renewed good intentions. Gyms are full to capacity, people are stocking up on salads and vegetables, and there is a general push for better health and wellbeing. I personally haven’t made any resolutions, but I have just signed up to get a weekly organic vegetable box. Continue Reading…