Stasty is a simple and tasty food recipe blog. I love to cook and I love to talk about food, so this blog is really my ramblings and thoughts about cooking and eating. Some of the recipes are my own and some are ones that I found on the net or picked up from my favorite cookbooks. I cook everything in our little kitchen in beautiful Washington. I am aided and abetted by my I.T guru/tantrum-trouble-shooter/editor and chief-taster otherwise known as the OH (Nelius Phelan).

Sometimes I’ll have posts about my favourite foodie finds which are products that I have just discovered and can’t wait to shout about. There will also be a few posts on gadgets which I can’t live without out and a few quirky ones too that I must have. There will also be the odd restaurant review and a few animal antics from the Stasty homestead along the way.

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  • Charlie


    This is my first time to your website.
    I like what I see and have subscribed.

    I have been looking for a biscuit recipe like this for a very long time.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a Joyful Day :~D


    • http://www.stasty.com Vicky

      Thanks, glad you like the recipe. Thanks for subscribing. Lots more biscuit recipes to come :)

  • http://www.WiseWords.ie Móna Wise

    I LOVE your new look!
    I have been SO BURIED alive under the book – I missed your facelift.
    Well done and hope you are all settled into your new ‘wifedom’ ..
    Best of luck to you guys xx

    • http://www.stasty.com Vicky

      Thanks Mona! It’ s just a subtle change, but it needed a bit of a facelift. I cannot wait to read your new book. It’s such a great achievement. We are settling in really well into husband + wife mode thanks ;)

  • http://www.central@yummybakery.com.mx Gaby

    I LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE , LOVE …. All =) everything looks so Yummy!

    • http://www.stasty.com Vicky

      Thanks Gaby, for your lovely comment.

  • Kanta Bhanderi

    I just made Bourbons using your recepie, they tasted great!!!!!!! They were a bit soft though, do you think I just need to bake them a bit longer next time?? also, can I use low fat stuff i.e Low fat butter and sweetner instead of sugar???? or will it spoil the taste?? what do you think??

    Thanks, kids really loved them!!!!

    • http://www.stasty.com Vicky

      Oh, thank you! I am delighted they worked out well for you. I found they hardened a little when they cooled. However they will never be as crunchy as the shop bought ones, as they don’t have all thoese weird chemicals and stabilisers! I would say the sweetener and low fat butter would effect the flavour, so would advise against it. However when you share these ones with the kids, you can at least share some of the guilt :)

    • Wanda

      If you use Splenda it might work. I use it alot as i have diabetes type 2. It measures the same as regular sugar and the taste isn’t too bad either. Or you may use 1/2 reg. sugar with 1/2 Splenda . Good Luck

  • Wanda

    Just found your site and think it’s great. Am having some trouble converting your measurements over to US measurements. Other then that it’s great.

  • http://www.stasty.com Vicky

    Thanks Wanda. Well the good news is that I will be moving to the US very soon http://stasty.com/?p=4783 so I will soon be using cups for all my recipes. Vicky :)

  • http://www.OregonSue.blogspot.com Sue Maxwell

    I was searching for a recipe, bouillabaisse, and found yours. OMG it looks and sound wonderful. I am putting your link on my blog today and look forward to searching through your recipes. Thanks!
    Oregon Sue

    • http://www.stasty.com Vicky

      Thanks Sue!

  • Jasmin

    If you are heading to the states Vicky please don’t just put cup measures, Lets have metric weights as well

  • Dolly Rubiano

    It was nice meeting you and little Corban (did I spell it right?) at IFBC today, Vicky. Your website is wonderful. I didn’t know that you are so famous! Hope to see more of you =)

    Dolly of http://dollyrubiano.wordpress.com/

    • stastycook

      Thanks so much Dolly, looking forward to chatting to your again tomorrow. Your photography is beautiful!

  • http://vegandollhouse.com/ Purplicious

    Do you have an instagram account? I’m going to make a version of one of your recipes for dinner tonight, and when I post a picture of it, I’d like to credit you as my inspiration. Thanks!

  • Kathryn

    I just met your lovely sister today and discovered lots of interests and favorite places in common, not least of all (your current home/my hometown) Seattle, and a certain place I fell in love with on a too-short visit 30-some years ago, Wexford! I’m looking forward to learning all sorts of foodly goodness from you!


  • stastycook

    Hi Kathryn! Great to hear from you. Thanks for your lovely comment. Hope you enjoy the recipes. Vicky :)