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Lacy Pancakes

February 21, 2012

I love pancakes so much. I get very excited every year on Pancake Tuesday and say to myself ‘I should make pancakes more often’ and then of course I forget and another year passes and I haven’t made any pancakes. I love the art of pancake making though, swishing the batter into the hot pan, moving your arms about to coat every last bit of  the pan. Not to mention the amazing smell of pancakes cooking. I adore the way they turn a beautiful mottled golden brown. And of course the best bit, the art of flipping the pancake. Not that it always turns out right, sometimes I have use my hands to fix it up. I’m lucky to be blessed with asbestos hands and no amount of heat seems to affect my fingers. My Mum was a master at pancake making and I loved watching her make delicious thin and crispy pancakes, the thinner the better. Continue Reading…