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Breakfast for Dessert…Part 1

October 4, 2011

It’s breakfast Jim…. but not as we know at. Every item on this plate is in fact dessert. It’s the breakfast fry-up that is even suitable for vegetarians. However, I think it should be served with a sweet dessert wine rather than a builder’s tea. After the success of the Rubik’s cake, I really wanted another project and the breakfast fry came to me one day, as it’s so iconic and it’s something that everyone instantly recognises. This dish took a few weeks to figure out, a lot of trial and error with a few delicious disasters along the way. Continue Reading…


Bickies, Bickies, Bickies

September 1, 2011

Sometimes I feel like a little homemade treat, and these biscuits always hit the spot. Sable biscuits take a bit of time to make, but are definitely worth the effort. They are feather light, buttery and perfectly crisp. I use this recipe a lot and you can create so many different biscuit flavours and shapes with it. I sometimes cover sables with lemon curd and a swirl of meringue on top, sort of a miniature lemon meringue biscuit. I also used them in this recipe to create mini banoffee pies. On this occasion, I cut them in different shapes and dipped them in melted chocolate with a light sprinkling of toasted nuts and desiccated coconut. If this recipe seems like just a bit too much work, check out my friend Caitriona’s review of  a small Irish company, Kooky Dough, that produce readymade cookie dough, which might just save you in a biscuit emergency. Continue Reading…


Irish Chocolate Mousse with Ginger Biscuits

March 17, 2011


This recipe is a small homage to St Patrick’s Day. The decadent chocolate mousse is laced with Irish whiskey and the coffee cream on top makes it taste like an Irish coffee. The mousse is in a pint sized shot glass, so it looks like a baby Guinness and is accompanied by some fiery ginger biscuits. Have a great Paddy’s day.   Continue Reading…


Banoffee coffee cream biscuits

March 11, 2011

I love banoffee, I love coffee and I love making biscuits, so I decided to combine these three loves into a wonderful dessert. The problem with a big banoffee pie is that you need a few people to eat the whole thing, otherwise you may feel a tad guilty eating the whole big pie yourself!  So, I came up with the banoffee coffee cream biscuit. Sounds like a bit of a mouthful! The great thing about these little biscuits is that you can keep all the ingredients separate and then assemble anytime you feel like a tasty indulgent snack. Continue Reading…