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A Wedding To Remember

April 20, 2012

I really never intended on posting about the wedding. S’tasty is a recipe blog afterall. But, a few people were asking, so here goes…. I’m not one for fanfare, and was trying to keep the event as low key as possible. There was no wedding planner, there wasn’t a theme, and there were certainly no pink sugared almonds. It was however, the ultimate DIY family wedding. We had many helpers on board (family and friends) who had all been assigned specific tasks. Everyone assured me that I wouldn’t be wearing an apron on the big day, but to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way. On the morning of our wedding, as I peeled carrots and did battle with a monstrous salmon, my sister turned to me and said “Shouldn’t you be at the hairdresser now, quaffing champagne?” We laughed. It was hard to be nervous that morning as there were so many other distractions and there was a lovely sense of familiarity, sitting at home in the kitchen, preparing for a family dinner. Continue Reading…


Waterford Food Festival

April 26, 2011

One sunny Friday evening my other half and I chased out of the city, battled the rush hour traffic, meandered our way down the twisty roads of West Waterford, (dodged a couple of sheep on the way) before finally landing in the picturesque town of Lismore. We were there for the Waterford Food Festival, and were excited to see what kind of food the county had to offer. We checked into the quaint Lismore House Hotel and walked the short distance to O’Brien’s Chop House restaurant. We were greeted by the charming Maitre D dressed in a vibrant orange shirt which reflected his warm personality. He led us out to a secret garden lit by candle lanterns where we were treated to some crisp white wine and a talk by Norman Gillett on fishing for wild salmon in the nearby Blackwater River. Norman’s passion for salmon fishing is infectious, so much so that even us non fishing types were reeled in.The talk was followed by Eddie Baguiohe’s (Chop House chef) demonstration of some tasty and unusual cures for salmon gravlax. The treacle and salt cured salmon (pictured above) was a real winner for me. Continue Reading…