Kitchen Tools

March 8, 2012


There are some kitchen tools that I just can’t seem to live without. I only ever notice this when I go to someone else’s kitchen, and I start ransacking their drawers desperately looking for the right type of tool. I guess the more you cook, the more you appreciate good utensils. In my time, I have bought lots of crappy cookware, only to throw them in a bin few months later, with a shake of my head -I should have known better. I have finally learned, it really is better to buy the right utensils rather than any old thing. So here are are a few of my tried and tested tools, that I just can’t seem to function without.

Mixing Bowls

When I make bread or a heavy fruit cake, I want a large wide heavy bowl. These old fashioned bowls, like the Rayware Mason Cash bowl are ideal, and last a lifetime, if you look after them. One of the reasons I love them is that Mum had one, my granny had one and every kitchen in Ireland seems to have one stored away somewhere.

Wooden Spoon

Its pretty obvious that I’ve got a thing for wooden spoons. Wooden spoons are like paintbrushes to me. I like to have lots of different types, in various shapes and sizes. There are different wooden spoons for different jobs. My new current favourite is this  olive wood spoon. I love the shape and feel of it.


If you want smooth and creamy mashed potato, a decent ricer like this Oxo ricer is the only way to go. You never get the same result with the standard potato masher and it also takes out all the hard work with a ricer. I have heard some horror stories of people using potato mashers on a teflon coated saucepan, and destroying them. The ricer elimates this problem entirely. So save your nice non stick cookware, buy a ricer!


I would be lost without a universal steamer, this one by Le Creuset is perfect. I steam everything in here from asparagus to Christmas puddings. This one works with all different saucepan sizes.

Pizza Stone

Ever since I got this pizza stone, my pizzas and breads are always delicious and crispy. While I use my pizza stone to cook pizza, it’s also a great way to maintain the oven temperature (well that’s according to the OH! and Lifehacker )

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