In just one months time I will moving to Seattle. It’s an enormous adventure and an exciting new chapter in our lives. Having been for a visit, I fell in love with Pike Place market and all the little farmers makers dotted around Woodinville and Kirkland. We ate out and discovered so many great restaurants and the best Vietnamese I’ve had outside Vietnam. I can’t wait to do my shopping in Wholefoods and already know where I’m going to get my milk. Seattle reminded me alot of Ireland, so hopefully I won’t be too homesick, surrounded by all those lovely green trees. The one thing I will really miss is Irish cheese, but I can’t wait to discover a whole new ocean of different fish, and whole new country of wines.

It will certainly be interesting to blog on the other side of the pond. American readers often ontact me asking me for the American conversions of my recipes. In all honesty, measuring cups scare me! I’ve never really understood why Americans use them. Packed cups of sugar, loosely packed cups of flour….the potential for filling my cup incorrectly seems huge. I would love to convince every American that weighing ingredients with scales is far more sensible, but I suspect I will have to toe the line and surrender to the cup.

Quantities will also be an issue. I like to buy small cartons of milk, half size bags of flour. I have no idea what to do with giant cartons of eggs and American sized bags of flour. I have a feeling I’m going to be a terrified European rabbit caught in the headlights of a giant American freight train every time I go to the supermarket…hoping to come away with something ‘small’. Fahrenheit will also take bit of getting used to….when I see numbers like 400 degrees, I kind of think fiery inferno and will probably hesitate and protectively hold my uncooked cake a little longer than usual, before putting it in the oven.

Please bear with me in the coming weeks, as the OH has already gone, so there may be the odd technical issue. Also all my prop paraphernalia is half way across the world on a big boat:) so I’ll be making do with whatever bits I find, borrow or improvise. I know a few fellow bloggers have already moved country, so I’d love to hear any advice you might have about moving or indeed using measuring cups ;)