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Peanut Butter and Banana Granola

September 15, 2015


September is one of my favorite months, and all these years later I still feel grateful that I don’t have to go back to school, and can enjoy the last few days of sunshine without having to wear an itchy wool uniform. It’s been a beautiful week here in Washington, but the evenings are starting to close in and the mornings are getting darker. To brighten up those  dark mornings I’m investing more time in breakfast. Continue Reading…


Banana Bread (Cake)

November 29, 2014


Banana bread seems like it should be healthy – it sounds healthy. But the thing is most banana bread recipes are really just buttery cake. Not that I have anything against cake, but it should be called banana cake, so we all know what it really is. Continue Reading…


Butterscotch Banana Sundae

July 31, 2014

ButterscotchSundaeFDo you ever have that moment of panic when you realize you have nothing for dessert and you’ve friends coming for dinner? I sometimes get so caught up making the main course that I have no time left to make dessert. Rather than rush out and buy a dessert though, there are plenty of things you can whip up in minutes to create a wonderful home-made dessert.

Continue Reading…


I hate throwing stuff out!

February 1, 2011


It was a Friday evening after work. It had been a long day and I was tired and cranky. I had come home to find lots of stuff in the fridge well past it’s sell by date. I hate throwing stuff out. I feel like I have let myself down and not followed up on all my foody plans.  In the fruit bowl, there was a gaggle of bananas just about ready to walk themselves out the door. It became my mission to save them from leading a fruitless life. Continue Reading…