Hazelnut and Chocolate Financiers

Hazelnut and Chocolate FinanciersThese glossy, sticky, chocolate coated hazelnut financiers are the perfect afternoon indulgence. I know it may seem like I have a chocolate hazelnut obsession, ( Chocolate Hazelnut Torte, Chocolate Hazelnut ShortbreadsChocolate Hazelnut Tart) but it’s just such a great flavor combination – I personally blame Nutella for fostering this flavor addiction during my formative years. More …

Chocolate Oat Cookies

Chocolate Oat Cookies

I had been craving some hobnob biscuits ever since I saw them in the British section of our local supermarket. Having been imported they were pretty expensive, so I couldn’t justify paying that much when I could probably make something similar at home. So, I left the supermarket armed with some oats, butter and flour determined to make my own hobnob biscuits. More …