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Jam Jar Banoffee Pots

June 10, 2016

Banoffeepots (1 of 3)I can’t say summer is here, because it’s not official until June 20th, but in my eyes summer is here! The sun is out, and the evenings are long and bright – I say let’s have a picnic! Everything tastes so much better outside in the sunshine. Continue Reading…


Peanut Butter Ice-cream Cookies

August 17, 2015


There is nothing quite like home-made ice-cream cookies. Of course you can buy frozen ice cream cookies and bars, but inevitably the cookie is all soft and mushy, instead of crisp and crumbly like the home-made ones.  These simple peanut cookies are perfect for ice-cream sandwiches. Continue Reading…


Hobbit Cookies

December 11, 2013


I am very excited to see “The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug” this weekend. I have had a long love-hate relationship with Tolkien. We were forced to read him in school at a time when I really couldn’t appreciate him. It was only years later that I picked up the series again and really started to enjoy it. Continue Reading…


Catching Fire Cookies

November 18, 2013

Catching Fire Cookies Stasty

This weekend is the premier of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire movie.  Last year I made Cookies for Katniss to mark the launch of the first Hunger Games movie. Then, I saw the movie and I was so impressed with how they represented all the pomp and ceremony of the Games – the costumes, the flames etc. Continue Reading…


S’more Dessert

July 17, 2013

Smores (1 of 1)

Camping and s’mores are two things that are entirely new to me. When the OH brought up the subject of camping, I quickly tried to change the subject. I just never envisioned myself as the type of person that would like camping. In Ireland camping is divided into two … emm … camps. Continue Reading…