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Courgette Chips with Garlic Mayonnaise

August 24, 2012

As a food blogger, I am always interested to see what people are cooking. Vegetable crisps and fritters seem to be really popular online, at the moment. Courgettes have been featuring alot as they are plentiful and in season right now. I looked at a few different recipes and adapted my own based on the flavours I like.  I made my courgette chips covered in delicate panko breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese and served them with a creamy homemade garlic mayonnaise. Continue Reading…


Broad Bean, Courgette and Feta Pasta

August 17, 2012

When I go home at the weekend, I come back laden with delicious fruit and veg from my dad’s garden. It’s always a nice challenge to figure out what I am going to cook with them. I find with fresh vegetables, you have to use them up quickly or they go bad -unlike vegetables from the supermarket which are sprayed with ‘God-knows-what-icide’ to preserve them for longer. I came up with this dish on a whim when I was hungry for supper and wanted something quick. Continue Reading…


Courgette, Cheese and Chive Scones

September 13, 2011

Thanks to my OH’s work colleagues, we’ve recently been getting a lot of great home grown organic produce as gifts. Kevin Cooke gave us some lovely courgettes which, as I mentioned before, are not the OH’s favourite food. So, once again, I was faced with the challenge of glorifying this great vegetable. I created some delicious courgette, chive and cheese scones. The courgette in these scones make them deliciously moist and they’re a perfect lunch box filler. Continue Reading…


Cheesy Courgette Fritters

August 3, 2011

Unlike me, my other half doesn’t love courgettes. He claims they squeak – like green beans and aubergines – they’re on his “I’ll only eat those if there’s another famine'” list. So I spend a lot of time trying to create recipes which make these vegetables more appetising and less….squeaky. These fritters have been the greatest success so far, though it may be due to the fact that they are completely, cheesy, crispy and delicious. You could probably create these fritters with other squeaky vegetables like aubergines and they also work great with leeks. My Dad has a glut of courgettes in the garden, so these fritters are great to use them up. The fritters are accompanied by my other half’s special recipe for tomato and chilli jam which is rich and sweet and a perfect match for them. This dish makes a great tea-time snack or a scrummy starter. Continue Reading…