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Mini Potato Rosti

December 4, 2012

Greetings from Seattle. I’m here just over a week and settling in well. Apologies to my subscribers for sending out a premature update yesterday. I was having a wee technical issue with my site 🙂 It was kind of one of those weird days. I was all set to make some potato latkes yesterday and had everything prepped and ready. I had read a few tips and tricks online for making perfect potato latkes, and I felt well informed. It’s a pretty easy recipe, but there are a few little things that make these treats extra tasty and crispy. Continue Reading…


Potato and Thyme Stacks

November 3, 2012

At home, we always seem to run out of pepper, you see, my Dad likes to have enormous amounts of pepper on everything. He puts so much pepper on his food that most meals start with a massive bout of sneezing. It’s always been called ‘black cap’ in our house which makes it sound more like an illicit drug than a condiment. Continue Reading…