Manhattan with Brandied Cherry

This is one man of a Manhattan with home-made brandied cherries. It looks and tastes deliciously sophisticated. I love cherries, but I hate those sickly sweet red ones, that they give you in cheap cocktails. They just taste of sugar and have a really weird texture. I sometimes wonder if they’re even cherries… So for this recipe, I decided to soak some fresh cherries in brandy, cinnamon, and orange zest to create the most fantastic cocktail cherry. More …

Prohibition Tea

It’s that time of the year again folks, Prohibition Day! On the 16th of January 1920, Prohibition officially began in the United States. Today, I am marking that anniversary with my own version of Prohibition Tea made with Tennessee Whiskey. With the rise of Gin Tea, I thought Whiskey deserved a similar treatment. There’s something kind of nice about cocktails served in fancy tea cups.

More …