Gluten-free Treats I’m very excited to announce that I have my published my very first ebook. Wohoo! After blogging for over two years, I decided to release a short book of gluten-free recipes. I don’t cook gluten-free all the time, but I am always amazed at how popular my gluten-free recipes are, so I dedicated some time to come up with some new gluten-free treats. My main aim with this book was to provide lots of inspiring recipes for gluten-free pastries and cakes. I experimented with gluten-free flours, nut flours, buckwheat and polenta. There was a lot of trial and error coming up with these recipes until I finally found the perfect mix.  Some recipes, I’ve already released on the blog, but many are completely new.

There is something for every taste in this book. There is a heavenly squidgy chocolate mocha cake, tropical banana and coconut muffins, a luscious lemon and polenta cake and delicate rhubarb and strawberry frangipane tarts.  So, if you are trying to cut back on gluten, or if you have a friend/ family member who is gluten-free, you are going to love this book. There are twenty recipes in all.  It’s available now for just 99 cents (USA) /86 cents (Europe)/ 75 pence (UK). So, get it while you can and spread the word. If you do like the book, I would really appreciate a review on Amazon to let others know. Hope you enjoy my first ebook :)

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