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Spiced Apple Crumbles

October 2, 2014


The first of October and there is a noticeable chill in the air. I love the change in season –  the crisp air, the colorful trees, and of course the beginning of apple season. Continue Reading…


Spiced Apple and Almond Cake

April 18, 2014

Spiced Apple Cake (Gluten-free) This delicately spiced apple and almond cake is gluten-free and totally delicious. Almonds make a great base for a rich and nutty cake and the touch of ginger and cinnamon add a subtle spiced flavor. Continue Reading…


Classic Apple Tart

November 4, 2013

Apple Tart by Stasty

Apple Tarts (or apple pies) are serious business in Ireland. Most Irish people will claim that their mother or their granny makes the best apple tart. Both my grannies always made amazing apple tarts. I think the secret was lots of butter and apples fresh from the trees.  Continue Reading…


Apple and Blackberry Clafoutis

October 15, 2013

PearClafoutisF (1 of 1)

I kind of secretly love when the weather suddenly changes and there is an icy cold nip in the air. I love wrapping up and going for walks in the park and watching the crispy golden leaves drop slowly to the ground. It’s a time for warm inviting fires and hot nourishing comfort food. Continue Reading…



December 13, 2012

Greetings from a greyish Seattle! I’m slowly beginning to get into the holiday spirit, and have just started to think about Christmas recipes. I decided to make some mincemeat first, as it takes about a week to mature and for all the lovely flavours to mingle. Just in case you are unfamiliar with mincemeat, it doesn’t contain any actual meat. The original recipe from centuries ago contained suet and shredded meat, but these days most mincemeat recipes are meat free. Continue Reading…


Rosey Apple, Custard & Jam Tarts

March 27, 2012

These apple tarts are a treat to eat. The slightly crisp apple slices, the tart blueberries, creamy custard and buttery pastry make for one delicious mouthful. They also look totally divine and are sure to impress. In truth, they were a little tricky to make and there was a lot of apple slicing involved! I did harbor some doubts as I surveyed the enormous mound of apple slices in front of me. However it all worked out in the end and my work paid off. These tarts are definitely worth the effort if you fancy something a little bit special. Continue Reading…