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Granola with Mango Compote

May 30, 2014


Breakfast doesn’t have to be some limp toast or soggy cornflakes. You deserve better than that! Granola, fruit and yogurt is simple, healthy and such a tasty breakfast. If you make a big batch of granola today, you will have breakfast sorted for the next month. Continue Reading…


Berry and Vanilla Cream Tart

May 9, 2014

Berry Tart (
I often revisit and revise recipes I have made before on the blog. This week I went back in time – way back to the very start. My first ever post was for a fruit tart and the photos are so blindingly awful that I wanted to erase them the minute I saw them again. Continue Reading…


Blueberry and Lemon Muffins

March 8, 2013

Now that we are finally emerging from the dark winter, I thought it was time for something light and summery. These muffins are a cinch to make, and a treat to eat. Not only do lemon and blueberries look good together, they also taste great together. Continue Reading…



December 13, 2012

Greetings from a greyish Seattle! I’m slowly beginning to get into the holiday spirit, and have just started to think about Christmas recipes. I decided to make some mincemeat first, as it takes about a week to mature and for all the lovely flavours to mingle. Just in case you are unfamiliar with mincemeat, it doesn’t contain any actual meat. The original recipe from centuries ago contained suet and shredded meat, but these days most mincemeat recipes are meat free. Continue Reading…


Tartan Tart

April 5, 2012

You may not know it, but, the 6th of April is in fact Tartan Day. It’s a day to celebrate Scottish heritage and a day for the Scottish diaspora all over the world to celebrate tartan and Scottish culture. April 6th marks the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath which confirmed Scotland’s status as an independent sovereign state. During the 18th century there was an attempt to ban tartan in an effort to bring warrior clans under control. Thankfully it never happened and tartan remains as popular as ever today. As a McDonald, I feel I should pay some attention to my roots and wanted to celebrate this quirky feast day with some food.  I think Tartan Day is a great way to wear some beautiful colours, cook up some Scottish food and celebrate our ancestors. So what better way to celebrate tartan day, than with a tart. A wee tartan tart *to be said in a Scottish accent*.
Continue Reading…



February 1, 2011

I am going to start  my  blog with a tart.  I had lots of great pastry plans on Saturday. It didn’t all work out exactly as planned but the end result was really tasty. I had been craving a really nutty bakewell tart.  I had just finished making my pastry and was putting it in the fridge to chill, when I realised I had only one egg left and I needed three for the bakewell! Grrrr. I was going to walk to the supermarket to buy some, but I  didn’t really feel like schlepping to the shops again. So, change of plan. I took a quick look around to see what I did have, and came up with something even better than a bakewell. Continue Reading…