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Chocolate Mocha Buckwheat Cake

May 20, 2015


Our new kitchen is almost ready, and I am so excited to start cooking again. In the three weeks we were without a kitchen, it was actually the simple things I missed most – fresh coffee, the smell of home-made bread, and being able to make an omelet! Now, that I am back though I have a huge list of new and crazy recipes I want to try. Meanwhile this week’s recipe is an oldie taken from my gluten free eBook. It’s a deliciously moist flourless chocolate cake, which is probably my favorite chocolate cake in the world (and I’m including chocolate cakes with flour in this list). Continue Reading…


Irish Coffee Swiss Roll

March 13, 2015

Irish Coffee Swiss Roll

When I was young my sister Zoe used to make a great coffee cake. I used to think coffee cake was incredibly sophisticated as a child. Generally in Ireland coffee cakes were not made with coffee. Just absorb that sentence for a second. You have to remember it was the eighties and coffee hadn’t quite taken off. Continue Reading…


Indulgent Hot Chocolate

December 20, 2014


It’s the time of year for hot drinks and indulgent treats. If I am pushed for time, some Cadburys cocoa powder and hot milk will suffice. But, if I have a little more time to spare hot chocolate, made with real chocolate and a little whiskey is a real treat. Continue Reading…



December 13, 2012

Greetings from a greyish Seattle! I’m slowly beginning to get into the holiday spirit, and have just started to think about Christmas recipes. I decided to make some mincemeat first, as it takes about a week to mature and for all the lovely flavours to mingle. Just in case you are unfamiliar with mincemeat, it doesn’t contain any actual meat. The original recipe from centuries ago contained suet and shredded meat, but these days most mincemeat recipes are meat free. Continue Reading…


Pecan, Apple and Whiskey Tartlets

January 5, 2012

Pecan pie is one of my all time favourite desserts. We sampled a lot of delicious pecan pies when we were in America recently, it’s the kind of dessert I can never get enough of. I wanted to make my own pecan pie this week to use up my delicious stash of special pecans that I brought home from “We’re Nuts” near Vienna, Georgia. In America they say Pee-CON, in Ireland we say PEE-can, I say vee-EHN-uh, they say vy-ENN-uh. I love all the different words and pronunciations for food they have. Whoever knew a turnip is called a rutabaga! Continue Reading…


I’m Just An Old Fashioned Girl

December 9, 2011

When we were in America we picked up a rather large bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon…..which can only mean one thing, ‘Old Fashioned’ time. This cocktail is probably one of the oldest in the book, but definitely one of my favourites. Continue Reading…